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Since 1999, Javier López Piñón has established intensive contacts with colleagues in West and South Africa and he has embarked upon researching contemporary and traditional African drama.

"There is an inspiring theatre life going on over there. Even if the conditions are often precarious, theatre in Africa tends to reflect seriously on contemporary issues and the freedom with which actors and directors choose their styles and material, incorporating drama, music and dance seemlessly into the fabric of their productions, has a great appeal to any audience".

In the République du Bénin, Javier has been invited as one the members of the international educational counsel of the newly established Ecole Internationale de Théâtre du Bénin, after the creation of Madame Paradji.

In South-Africa, in the wake of the Freebirds-project (2002) each year half a dozen stage-directors, choreographers and actors from Holland and South-Africa alike, present workshops for again half a dozen theatre groups working in South-Africa within their own (township)communities on issues related to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Javier participates as one of the stage-directors.

In Holland, he collaborates with a.o. Liberian actor Bright Richards and Liberian novelist Vamba Sherif on a new theatre piece. Further projects are being considered.

"At the moment, I'm rather concentrating on the development of young African talents in drama writing on the one hand and on the other I'm working on the introduction of unknown African playwrights in Holland. There is so much to discover, so much to exchange; I'm investing a lot into my research of African theatre and non-european musictheatre in general, as I'm convinced that that is where the future for contemporary music-theatre lies".

The building of the Théâtre de la Laitière


Title: Introduction au Théâtre Post-dramatique
Première: 03-10-2016
Location: Fil Bleu - Aréma/Studio Théâtre d'Art de Lomé
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Title: Introduction à la pratique du théâtre
Première: 14-12-2015
Location: Ecole Internationale de Théâtre du Bénin
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Title: Atelier de Théâtre
Première: July 2015
Location: Abidjan, INSAAC and Korhogo chez Zegremania
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Title: Abi et les vodun
Première: 30-05-2014
Location: Studio- Théâtre de l’Ecole Internationale de Théâtre du Bénin
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Title: Zedeka festival
Première: 28-12-2013
Location: BanlieueZ’arts centre culturel, Lomé-Agoè, Legbassito
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Title: Crash course in stage direction
Première: 4-15 march 2013
Location: INSAAC, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
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Title: Workshop on the director's personal style
Première: 2012
Location: 20-30 august, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
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Title: Atelier autour de la préparation et techniques de répétitions pour la mise en scène
Première: december 2011
Location: Palais de la Culture, Abidjan, Côte d' Ivoire
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Title: Macchabée X
Première: 28 octobre 2011
Location: C.C. Fil Bleu, Lomé
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Title: Atelier photographie de mode
Première: octobre 2011
Location: Cotonou, 17-18-20-21 octobre 2011 Cadres divers en ville et à la plage
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Title: Atelier-création au sujet de l'autonomie du comédien
Première: march 12 2011
Location: Siège du FESTHEF, Lomé
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Title: Atelier de Mise en Scène
Première: june 2010
Location: INSAAC, Abidjan, Côte d' Ivoire
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Title: L'enfant et les Sortilèges
Première: 22-03-2010
Location: Togbin (Cotonou), Rep. du Bénin
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Title: Elle et Lui
Première: 2009
Location: Centre le Cercle de l'Histoire, Lomé Agoé (Togo) 30 may 2009
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Title: Workshop on ensemble acting for actors and directors
Première: 2009
Location: February - March 2009 Abidjan Ivory Coast
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Title: Theatre workshop for musicians
Première: 2007
Location: Cotonou (aug. - sept. 2007)
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Title: Atelier de mise-en-scène
Première: 06-01-2007
Location: Cotonou, CES Sere Luru
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Title: Indaba I - II - III
Première: 2002
Location: South Africa
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Title: Auditions
Première: 2003
Location: Conakry, Guinée
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