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Atelier de mise en scène/FITAP

Première: 19-27 -04-2018


FITAP, Festival International des Théâtres et Arts Plastiques


Sichem Bio (first part), siége du Fitap, Lomé (2nd part)


6 participants for the first part of the workshop, and individual participation for the seccnd part

A relaxing moment at the Fitap theatre venue.

Emmanuel Anibar, winning best actor prize at the 2018 Fitap.

Drum set…..

This project was set up as a training for young stage directors as part of the 10th edition of the Fitap festival. Javier worked on a non-normative approach of the methods stage directors can develop for their creative work. Part of the festival was a competition for theatre and music groups as well as individual visual artists on the theme of The Environment. Javier was presiding the jury for this part of the festival.