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"Dam taal" An orientation




Dapaong and surroundings, Togo (Savannes)


Marléne Douty

Marléne and Javier in front of a traditional Moba building

The Moba cuisine workshop: preparing “Kalma”

Visiting a weaving workshop

Together with colleague Marléne Douty, Javier is preparing a long-term project (as a follow-up to his master thesis) on intercultural theatre practice in Francophone west-Africa. The first part of the project consisted of field work in the Savannes region of Northern Togo, where Marléne and Javier assisted at traditional performative activities, one of them being a workshop given by Marléne’s mother Mme. Douty on traditional Moba cuisine.

Workshop to recrute local theatre talent:

A further orientation on Moba tradition brought us to dance performances of Djabontana and Pongd by two different dance groups: