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Zedeka festival

Première: 28-12-2013




BanlieueZ’arts centre culturel, Lomé-Agoè, Legbassito


The vast northern suburb of Lomé is the playground for a yearly festival where professionals in the arts meet and work with local talents. The festival was celebrated on one day, starting in the morning in the courtyard of the suburb’s traditional chief and ending in the night with a performance of theatre company Kadam Kadam L’Initiation, spectacular show with actors on stilts (a traditional feature), acted in the night by torchlights. Director: Alanda Koubidina, founder and artistic director of Kadam Kadam.

Urban dance styles combined with traditional dance by the local dance group Street Life

A workshop on puppetry in the suburb

A scene from a short play about the position of youth in the suburb which Javier put together with actors of Kadam Kadam and local actors