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Indaba I - II - III

Première: 2002


Het Waterhuis / Pim Broere Productions


South Africa


An initiative from Het Waterhuis, a Rotterdam-based theatre company, in the wake of the Freebirds project - Roel Twijnstra, artistic director, in collaboration with Kees van Loenen, Jolanda Spoel and South-African colleagues Peter Ngwenya, Jerrey Pooe, Technikon-teacher Janine Lewis and actors Tipo Tindisa, Josias Moleele, choreographer Portia Maskigo.

Participants of Indaba I

The artistic team of the Indaba II: Peter Ngwenya, Portia Maskigo, Janine Lewis, Jerrey Pooe, Kees van Loenen, Roel Twijnstra, Javier López Piñón, Tipo Tindisa

The artistic team of the Indaba III: Josias Moleele, Jolanda Spoel, Jerrey Pooe, Kees van Loenen, Janine Lewis, Roel Twijnstra and Pim Broere

Note: Every year a team of stage-directors, teachers, choreographers and actors work with a selected group of township theatre groups from all over South-Africa to devellop their theatrical skills. The subject of the plays is het HIV-AIDS pandemic and related issues in South-African society. The groups involved are from Northern Province (RYDO, TVAAP), Johannesburg (SYDS) and SOS Diepsloot, Durban (Eager Artists) and Mpumalanga (NDLOVU).