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Atelier de Mise en Scène

Première: june 2010


Fédération Nationale du Théâtre


INSAAC, Abidjan, Côte d' Ivoire


Acho WEYER (Fenath), and theatre groups from the communities of Abobo, Port Bouet, Bingerville, Université d' Abidjan, Yopougon, Treichville

photo de famille with the stage directors and the director of the FENATH (on the extreme left)

During three weeks, Javier travelled from group to group, working with them in their own communities. All the groups were preparing a new show and Javier accompanied the young stage directors. The main theme of the workshop being: the unity between content, method and form.

Working session at the Abobo cultural centre

Final presentation of the university group at the INSAAC