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Première: 11-01-2013


Dutch National Opera Academy/Residentie Orkest/Theaterschool Amsterdam


Kees van Baarenzaal, Den Haag


composers/librettist: Georgi Stojanov, Thierry Tidrow/Matthew Rickets, Igor Strawinksy/Kochno

Sinking (Stojanov)

Two new opera's, one repertoire piece and one ballet performed on one evening, perhaps referring to the historical avant-garde.
The new pieces are commissioned by Dutch National Opera Academy; Stojanov and Tidrow have graduated as MA students at the Amsterdam (Tidrow) and The Royal (Stojanov) Conservatoires.
1. Sinking by Geori Stojanov
2. Mavra by Igor Strawinksy
3. Pulcinella by the same
choreography by Itamar Serussi
4. Less Truth More Telling by Theirry Tidrow on a libretto my Matthew Ricketts

Instrumental ensemble from the Amsterdam and the Royal Conservatoire (for 1 and 4), Residentie Orkest (for 2 and 3) conducted by Lukas Vis.
Soloist from the Dutch National Opera Academy and invited students.
1 and 2 Liesje Knobel
3 and 4 Sarah Nixon
1 and 4 Sanne Lips
2 and 3 Daphne Karsten
Calle de Hoog
(final exam students from the scenography dept. of the Amsterdam Theatre school.
For the dances graduating students from the Moderne Theaterdans dept. of Amsterdam Theatre School were invited to participate together with the three singers.