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Future Citizens

Première: 21-09-2021



De Berenkuil, Utrecht


Bright Richards (concept, director), a.o. Soufiane Moussouli, Mo Hersi, Gonca Karasu, Sylvia Boone (actors), Nawras Altaki, Oleg Fateev, Lamine Kouyathe, Ibrahim Khano (musicians). Javier has been invited as an artistic consultant on this long-term project.

A project devised by New Dutch Connections’ director Bright Richards. From september-december, each week on Tuesday evening a different monologue is performed before an audience of potential employers. The monologues are based on interviews with refugees who have obtained a definitive permit to stay in Holland and performed by professional actors, accompanied by professional musicians who have a refugee background themselves. During the evening, a number of qualified refugees present themselves to potential employers and contacts are established with a view to possible continuation.