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1x1 = 1 ; 1x2 = 2; 1x3 = 3; 1x4 = 4 (Zapp Snacks)

Première: 01-11-1993


Stichting Grand Theatre


Grand Theatre, Groningen, NL


concept: Sjoerd Wagenaar, André Pronk, stage-directors: Sjoerd Wagenaar, Javier López Piñón, music: Gijs Troost, scenography: Sjoerd Wagenaar, costumes: Dorthee Mokkum, lighting: André Pronk, sound: Gijs Troost

cast a.o. : Hilt de Vos, Frank Houtappels, Javier López Piñón, musicians a.o.: Jammah Tammah, Dazombi Squad, students of the Groningen Conservatory

Note: A set of ultra-short (max. 10') very large-scale performances, conceived by visual artist Sjoer Wagenaar. Each performance was prepared for two months, rehearsed for one weekend and performed only once. One of these Zapp-Snacks consisted of a staging in the Grand Theatre amongst vans, cars, trucks and motorcycles of Milhaud's opéra-minute La Délivrance de Thésée.